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General: What IS Toricxs?

General: When should I use Toricxs?

General: How to run Toricxs

General: User interface design

General: Scheme of the cleaning process

Step 1: Tell Toricxs which directories contain files to clean up

Step 2: Show Toricxs how to get TAG data out of the file names

Step 3: Set TAG formatting options

Step 4: Read mp3/wma/wav file name and mp3/wma TAG data into memory for virtual editing

Step 5: Check for spelling errors in song and artist names of TAG data

Step 6: Verify there’s a coherent spelling for one and the same artist-/song name

Step 7: Verify there are no song- and artist names swapped

Step 8: Create new file names out of formatted TAG dat and store them in memory

Step 9: Verify TAG data manually, use search and replace tools to comment your files

Step 10: Explorer-preview of your new collection

Step 11: Copy/Move files to new location, update file name and TAG

Step 12: Create a name list of your music files that can be shared

Extra: The TAG edit window of step 9

Extra: User Permission Window (step 11)


Toricxs under Windows 7

[Please note that the screen shots may show previous program versions, the skins of the downloadable versions are improved permanently]

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