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Welcome to the Toricxs Website!

This is the original home of Toricxs, the great tool to clean up your mp3 collection! If you wish to get extended information about Toricxs before downloading then you can take part on the Toricxs- and Skin Engine Survey. Click therefore on 'Next' to begin the survey and discover Toricxs' best features that have partially never been seen before in this form.
If you wish to download Toricxs instantly or to view a screenshot then you can click on 'Download'.

NOTE (27 Feb 2003): a completely new version of Toricxs and this website will soon be distributed. So when the crap here doesn't match your ideals of good software then come back in 4 to 8 weeks. :-) Bye, your Cathreen.

Only now: every 1000th downloader gets a free night with Cathreen, one of the Toricxs programmers!
Therefore you must send Cathreen a mail and tell her what you would improve on Toricxs or this site.

Cathreen: 'Louis, I hope they'll like our program...'
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